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Biographical info

Nataniël was born in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. He went to school at Riebeeck-Kasteel Primary School and De Kuilen High School in Kuilsriver, near Cape Town. He went on to study music at the University of Stellenbosch.

He first became popular as a cabaret and stage artist, but since the 1990’s has also built a reputation as a writer, columnist and celebrity chef. His publications include Dancing with John (1992), Rubber (1996), Tuesday (2001), Food from the White House (2002), Kaalkop (2004) and When I Was (2008). His Kaalkop column has also appeared in the magazine Sarie for a number of years now.

Did you know?

· His surname is Le Roux.
· The advertisement for De Kat magazine in which Nataniël prompted people to buy the magazine, won a Loerie Grand Prix Award in 1994. It was the first Afrikaans magazine in the history of the Loerie Awards to be awarded the Grand Prix.
· He composed and performed the theme song of the movie Prins van Pretoria.
· Nataniël is the owner of a number of shops where his Kaalkop brand of lifestyle products are sold.

Books still in print

Kaalkop 3, Human & Rousseau (2012)
Nicky & Lou: 46 Stories
, Human & Rousseau (2011)
Gatherings – A Year of Invitations, Human & Rousseau (2009)
When I Was, Human & Rousseau (2008)
Kaalkop 2, Human & Rousseau (2008)
Kaalkop Journal / Joernaal, Human & Rousseau (2006)
Kaalkop, Human & Rousseau (2004)


1990 Excuse Me, Human & Rousseau
1992 Dancing with John, Human & Rousseau
1993 Oopmond, Human & Rousseau
1996 Rubber, Human & Rousseau
1999 Maria Maria, Human & Rousseau
2001 Tuesday, Human & Rousseau
2004 Kaalkop, Human & Rousseau
2006 Kaalkop Joernaal / Journal, Human & Rousseau
2008 Kaalkop 2, Human & Rousseau
2008 When I Was – 25 Stories, Human & Rousseau
2011 Nicky & Lou: 46 Stories, Human & Rousseau
2012 Kaalkop 3, Human & Rousseau


1994 Nataniël kook, Human & Rousseau
1996 Die Nataniël-kombuis, Human & Rousseau
2003 Food from the White House, Human & Rousseau
2009 Gatherings – A Year of Invitations, Human & Rousseau
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