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Family Fun Puzzles 3 | Puzzles

Phanie Alberts

This book, with more than a 100 all-new puzzles in 12 different styles of varying degrees of difficulty, will ensure hours of fun for the whole family.

Over more than two decades Phanie Alberts has established himself as South Africa’s foremost compiler of crossword puzzles. The fact that his puzzles are not computer-generated adds in large measure to the originality, and hence popularity, of his work.

The addictive puzzles provided range from the straightforward crossword puzzles or Juniors, through more cryptic Acrostics, Crossclues and Optionals, calculations in Numbers Games and Equations, the challenging designs of Tetragrams, Ringwords and Blackouts, to the exacting Ponderous.

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Family Fun Puzzles 3 | Puzzles

Author: Phanie Alberts
Category: Puzzles
ISBN: 9780798150903
Date Released: 10 March 2010
Price (incl. VAT): R 130.00
Format: Soft cover, 80pp

About this author

Phanie Alberts

Phanie Alberts has been compiling the ever-popular YOU Blockbusters since the magazine was first published in 1987, and is known and trusted by crossword...


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