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Markdag | Food & Drink

Callie Maritz , Mari-Louis Guy

Food markets are exciting places: from trendy urban markets to slow-food or organic markets, food stalls at sporting events or a fundraiser in support of a cause.

This book invites you to step out of the processed-food aisles of large grocery chains and go on a journey through colourful markets. It is filled with new, wonderful and creative recipes you can either make to enjoy at home, give as a present or sell to supplement your income. With lots of surprises such as watermelon cake, macadamia nut bobotie, chocolate thumbprints, open-faced Aloo pies,  Ouma’s milk tart and marshmallow rainbow cake.

A visual feast which will inspire you to join in when the next market takes place in your neighbourhood.

Each chapter is beautifully designed to suit the specific market. Chapters include:

•   School fetes and fundraisers
•   Church bazaars
•   Farm stalls
•   Urban markets
•   Street food
•   Future and world markets
•   Farmers markets
•   Gifts and celebrations

Beskikbaar in Engels as Make Give Sell.

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Markdag | Food & Drink

Author: Callie Maritz , Mari-Louis Guy
Category: Food & Drink
ISBN: 9780798157315
Date Released: 01 November 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 335.00
Format: Flexicover, 208pp

About this author

Callie Maritz , Mari-Louis Guy

  The sixth offering by the sibling duo Callie Maritz and Mari-Louis Guy. They have written Cakes to celebrate love and life, Cakebread, pudding and pie, Make...

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