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Kamee (ePub) | Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies

Roela Hattingh

With Kamee Roela Hattingh debuts as short-story writer. The 24 stories in this collection address central themes such as loss, estrangement, love and desire, revenge and the human condition. The author is especially interested in female experiences and femininity as theme: as such, the different stories often feature women as narrators and protagonists. The title – Afrikaans for cameo – symbolizes loss, memory and permanence. A valuable addition to short-story writing in Afrikaans.

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Kamee (ePub) | Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies

Author: Roela Hattingh
Category: Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies
ISBN: 9780798169189
Date Released: 01 April 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 215.00
Format: ePub

About this author

Roela Hattingh

Roela Hattingh is copywriter and strategist at Flow Communications. She was previously a lecturer in copywriting and the creative process at the Vega School of...


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