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Storiemuis: Boek 2 | Pre-School & Early Learning

Leon Rousseau

The original Storiemuis series was published in the 1980’s and was extremely popular due to the variety of educational elements included in the books. This brand new series is based on the same principles and contains new material with beautiful full colour illustrations. Each book is accompanied by a fantastic audio CD that follows and supplements each page. It is very important that learning is fun for young children. That is why this series bursts with fun songs, rhymes and stories to entertain 2 to 5 year olds. It also includes a simple learn-to-read and maths program to give pre-schoolers a head start.
Let’s read, listen and learn with Storiemuis!

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Storiemuis: Boek 2 | Pre-School & Early Learning

Author: Leon Rousseau
Category: Pre-School & Early Learning
ISBN: 9780798168809
Date Released: 02 November 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 195.00
Format: Soft cover,80pp

About this author

Leon Rousseau

Leon Gerdener Rousseau was born in Cape Town on 5 March 1931. He completed a degree at the University of Cape Town, after which he started working at the...


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