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Die ander Marta - Die Luisterboek | Fiction

Eleanor Baker

Baker is known and loved as a wonderful storyteller with a large number of loyal fans, especially women readers. Diane de Beer said of her previous novel: “Baker has always had a way with people in her books and this is how she brings you into the heart of the story.” (Pretoria News, 7/05/01)

With sensitivity and humour Baker focuses in her new novel on a middle-aged woman who breaks away from her subservient role in a traditional marriage. She is so desperate she actually contemplates suicide, but after a failed attempt she finds refuge with simple fisher folk. The novel alternates between the woman and her husband’s point of view and shows how each of them achieves a new understanding.
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Die ander Marta - Die Luisterboek | Fiction

Author: Eleanor Baker
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9780798171151
Date Released: 13 October 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 0.00
Format: Audiobook

About this author

Eleanor Baker

Eleanor Elizabeth Baker was born on August 21 1944 and matriculated at F.H. Odendaal High in Pretoria. She obtained a masters degree in Afrikaans from the...


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