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Klassiek reeks: Karolina Ferreira | General Fiction

Lettie Viljoen

M-Net Prize (1994)
Ou Mutual Literary Award (1994)

Karolina Ferreira goes to the town Voorspoed in the Free State to research moths. On her way there she picks up a hitch-hiker, and a fortune teller reads her palm.

Initially Karolina stays in the local hotel. She plays snooker, and meets a variety of people, such as Pol, the enigmatic attorney, the farmer Tonnie de Melck, lieutenant Kieliemann and other members of the local police. She is also confronted with violence in the black township.

Despite a promise to herself, she does fall in love – just like the couple she once noticed on a bench in a grave yard. Love and violence, the public and the very private: all these issues are intervowen in truly magical fashion in Lettie Viljoen’s Karolina Ferreira.

Available in English as The Elusive Moth.

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Klassiek reeks: Karolina Ferreira | General Fiction

Author: Lettie Viljoen
Category: General Fiction
ISBN: 9780798143509
Date Released: 06 June 2003
Price (incl. VAT): R 290.00
Format: Softcover, 184 pp

About this author

Lettie Viljoen

Ingrid Winterbach wrote several novels as Lettie Viljoen: Klaaglied vir Koos, Erf, Belemmering, Karolina Ferreira, and Landskap met vroue en slang. Karolina...


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