Maverick Africans

The shaping of the Afrikaners

Hermann Giliomee



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Date Released:

February 2020

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R 350.00


Soft cover, 328pp

About this book:


In part one of this collection, he analyses long-term forces like the powerful legal position of Afrikaner women, the expanding frontier that gave rise to individualism and later to republicanism, and the struggles about race inside the Dutch Reformed Church.  

The second part examines controversial aspects of more recent Afrikaner political history, including the alleged civil service purges after 1948, Nationalist corruption, the Absa ‘Lifeboat’ and the quality of Afrikaner leadership. 

Readers say

‘One need not necessarily agree with all of Giliomee’s contentions to be impressed by the fairness of his judgements and the quality of his writing.’

– Richard Steyn, Financial Mail